Joseph Biden. Former Senator. Two-term Vice President. Everybody’s good ol’ Uncle Joe.

Let’s be honest, we all secretly love JB. Some love him for politics, and some love him for his antics. But lately America’s sweetheart has picked up a new habit; he’s becoming a serial whisperer. While generally creepy in concept, his victims subjects victims of his whisper-attacks show an uncanny correlation.

Let’s see if you can spot the pattern in these three photos:


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Having some ideas? I’m seeing short hair, but I don’t think that’s quite the one. Maybe three more will bring out the pattern..


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Okay definitely seeing something here. And it seems like his serial whispering is starting to move into something creepier. I think three more will definitely confirm any suspicions.


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Now this is just downright creepy. Biden’s funny whispering habit includes grabbing the women. And not just women, but young girls too. And in completely inappropriate situations.

“Oh no!” So many exclaim and laugh, “It’s just Biden being Biden!” But here is my question, since when did grabbing women become okay?

The most recent example here is with Stephanie Carter. Last week at her husband Ashton Carter’s swearing in ceremony, Creepy Uncle Joe thought it was appropriate to grab and massage Mrs. Carter’s shoulders and whisper in her ear.



I know that this is not the face of a woman who is enjoying having her shoulders massaged and being whispered to. There is not one thing about this picture that doesn’t make me uncomfortable just looking at it.

Between this incident with Stephanie Carter and with Sen. Coons’ daughter in January, this isn’t the first nor, I fear, will it be the last time we see this behavior from Mr. Vice President.

What I find interesting is that Joe Biden (debatably) second most powerful man in the United States and potentially an influential figure when it comes to setting an example for the citizens of this country. And yet, this man, constantly in the spotlight, has not been reprimanded for his behavior. This obviously unwelcome and honestly, creepy behavior is not something that should be ignored or passed over by the media and what seems to be a majority of people.

In this Washington Post article, they call say the incident “hardly seems worth commenting on.” WP writer Nia-Malika Henderson passively describes the Carter incident, as well as two other incidents of Biden being “the world’s most powerful close-talker.”

Passive behavior on Biden “Being Biden” not only sends a message to everyone that we as a people are okay with this sexual threat, but it send a message to men that it is okay to touch or grab women (or anyone for that matter) without permission.

What I find most interesting about this issue, is that the lack of liberal and/or feminist attention. I think that we all, regardless of affiliation, can agree that if this was a Conservative behaving in this manner, not only would liberals and feminists and the media be all over the story, it would be blown up so large, who could imagine the result. And yet, here we are, pretending that this behavior is okay, just because Biden is a Democrat.