At first, it seemed like another overblown scandal. Hillary Clinton was once again the target of conservative bloggers and broadcasters nationwide for using her private email account to conduct State Department business. State Department employees are instructed to use a government email account under the law and thus Clinton’s critics were quick to slam her on the issue. Even though I learned about the law, I assumed that Mrs. Clinton’s email scandal would warrant quotations and would be nothing more than another political stunt to hurt her image going into 2016. However, once I read about Clinton’s private email account, it became clear that this is no hoax.

To be clear, I did not support Clinton before the emails scandal. While I disagree with Clinton on many issues, I never viewed her as an unqualified presidential candidate. Someone that is a former First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State has the resume for the job. Yes, she had been through scandals, such as Benghazi, but I often felt they were overemphasized and the longer they went on the thinner the case against her became. After reading CNN, Politico, Geekwire, the Associated Press’s lawsuit, and other sources, I now feel Clinton is unqualified to be President of the United States.

First of all, she blatantly violated both the Federal Records Act and the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Under the Federal Records Acts, communications, such as emails, are to be preserved for the public record and through FOIA media outlets and average citizens can gain access to these and other government records. Dan Metcalfe, who was head of the DOJ’s Office of Information and Privacy and now is a Professor of Secrecy Law at American’s Washington College of Law, wrote in Politico that Clinton’s defense was “laughable.” Metcalfe said that Clinton’s use of a private email regarding State Department policy is fine in the 21st Century when she has to rapidly respond to a situation, if those emails are forwarded to a State Department account. Clinton solely used her private email, whether or not an urgent national security threat warranted it, and has since deleted tens of thousands of emails without a single neutral observer checking over them.

Speaking of a national security threat, Clinton’s private email may be the greatest hole in U.S. national security since Obama took office or even since September 11th. Since Clinton’s term as Secretary of State, every foreign government has been trying to read her emails. At the State Department, the United States’s best computer programmers protect classified information contained in bureaucrats’ emails. However, Clinton decided to use a personal email on her own server out of the protected realm of the State Department. Unless Clinton either had the State Department monitoring her server to protect it or hired some of the best programmers in the world to protect her server, it is possible that foreign government spies read all of her emails and the information they contained about our national security. It is possible that Vladimir Putin knows more about her emails than we ever will. Interestingly, renowned Democratic strategist James Carville exemplified Clinton’s corruption on CNN’s Crossfire. While trying to defend Clinton, Carville said that she attempted to avoid Congressman Gohmert from, “rifling through her emails.” In other words, Clinton avoided congressional oversight by using her private email account.

When the president takes the oath of office, he or she swears to uphold and protect the Constitution. In 2007, Clinton claimed, “our Constitution is being shredded [by] … secret White House email accounts,” used by the Bush Administration. By her own standards, Clinton failed to uphold the Constitution. A person that averts federal law, jeopardizes national security, and avoids congressional oversight is not fit to be our president; thus Hillary Clinton lost her qualification.