Another week, another mass shooting. This time a shooter, whose name isn’t even worth mentioning because he is the nadir of humanity, shot and killed nine individuals, apparently targeting Christians, and wounded many others at Umpqua Community College, before turning the gun on himself and ending his pathetic life. Before the bodies went cold, our glorious leader Barack Obama called for increased gun control policy saying: “Our thoughts and prayers are not enough.” The left is quick to blame all the current mass shootings on the proliferation of guns in our society and calls for restricting gun access. Contrary to what the left would tell you, gun violence is actually down, as cited by the Pew Research center, ( People like the Oregon shooter and the Sandy Hook Shooter will always exist, but our nation’s current decline in morals is largely to blame for the distraught mindset of many isolated young people and their psychosis that causes mass killings. Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee stated earlier this week that “We have not so much a gun problem, we have a problem with sin and evil”.

Mike Huckabee, a republican presidential candidate, gestures as he speaks on stage Thursday, Oct. 1, 2015 in Florence, Ala. Florence was Huckabee's first stop on his campaign day in Alabama. He also visited Sylacauga, Selma and Dothan. (Allison Carter/The TimesDaily via AP)

Although Huckabee’s statement could be received poorly by many nonbelievers, his statement still holds true. The moral values that most religious institutions call for have an important role in maintaining peace in our nation; even nonbelievers can see this. We do not treat the mentally ill, and even tell certain groups of people with mental illnesses that there is nothing wrong with them, nothing that needs to be treated. We turn a blind eye to the strife of Christian and Yezidis in the Middle East, and the killing and probable sale of the unborn at home. Our country has a grave problem, and posting images of a mass killer simply gives people with similar mindsets more power: the power of Herostratic fame. The image we should be filling our media with is the man who stood up to this evil, Chris Mintz, a true hero who exemplifies self-sacrifice and exceptionalism. Don’t embolden evil; glorify the righteous.