It is not a surreptitious observation that students at American University—and indeed, most American colleges and universities—find right-of-center ideological views to be in the minority of the student body. For those of us who do hold these ideological views, it becomes especially important that we communicate views and policies that are the truest representation of what we stand for as conservatives. If we do not, we relinquish the ability to define our movement to fringe groups and those openly hostile to our ideals. The Conservative Conscience is a project put on by the American University College Republicans to represent all factions of the conservative movement at American University. Whether you are a social conservative, foreign policy hawk, libertarian conservative, traditionalist, or reformicon, The Conservative Conscience is meant to present the policy stances and ideological beliefs of American University’s close-knit and ideologically diverse conservative movement.

This policy journal seeks to encourage healthy debate within the Republican Party in a way that is intellectually enlightening, thoughtful in inquiry, and reflective of the scholarship of American University students. The mission of The Conservative Conscience and its output can be summed up thusly in a quote adapted from William F. Buckley; The conservative philosophy is one that “stands athwart history, yelling Stop, at a time when no one is inclined to do so, or to have much patience with those who so urge it.” In other words, The Conservative Conscience is clear in its editorial stance of being a conservative opinion journal, and our content will reflect the idea that our politics must be deferential to tradition and conserve the ideals of the American founding enshrined in our Constitution. We stand for free enterprise, limited government, individual liberty, and human dignity. For these reasons, we reject the intransigence of big-government progressivism and irresponsible right-wing ideologies that seek to subvert what we stand for as conservatives.

We extend an exuberant preliminary appreciation for all of those who by the courage and passion of their convictions have decided to contribute to this project. This journal would not be possible without the dedication and intellectual fortitude of those who choose to join our ranks either as regular contributors or as thoughtful observers so moved by their beliefs that they put those thoughts to paper and submit their article for publication. On the subject of publication in The Conservative Conscience, we ask that you read “About the Journal” and reach out to the Editor-in-Chief for further submission guidelines. The AU College Republicans are made all the better for the dedication of our members, and we are excited to cultivate this platform as it provides an academic and scholarly framework for our convictions.

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