“Paid Internship Opportunities are still available for Spring 2018 at the Republican Governors Association!
2018 will see 36 gubernatorial elections across the country, of which the RGA will be defending 26 of our 34 GOP controlled states. We are looking for hardworking & detail-oriented applicants ready to work alongside full-time staffers in our big year. Those interested in being a Policy, Political, Communications, or Events Intern, please send your resumes and any questions to epowell@rga.org, along with which department you are most interested. Attached here is a word doc with more details on each department available.

In 2017 the RGA chose a number of our interns from American University, and as an alumnus, I’m proud to say that all of them represented our school and the AUCRs extremely well. Thanks to all my former AUCR interns!”

Intern Duties by Department

Communication Intern Duties:

  • Work directly with our Communications Director and department
  • Assist with national and statewide media monitoring across print, online, TV & radio
  • Assist in composing timely news summaries
  • Draft press releases, statements and talking points
  • Build and manage statewide and national media lists
  • Assist in drafting social media content

Events Intern Duties:

  • Assist the Events Department with all meeting preparation, including but not limited to:
    • the creation of marketing materials
    • printing of all materials
    • packing supplies to ship to the event
    • Monitor registration and hotel spreadsheets.
    • Attend and staff all events held in Washington D.C.
    • Works closely with the events coordinator on a day to day basis. Tasks include booking transportations, comparing travel schedules to hotel rooms, keeping up with deposits and payments on the events budget.

    Policy Intern Duties:

    • Put together morning clips to be distributed to staff (reviewed by advisors)
    • Involves scanning credible news sources and selecting articles relevant to state policy issues
    • Assist Policy advisors in research and writing memos on policy issues/developments
    • Work closely w/Advisors and Director in administrative capacity
    • Calendar meetings, calls, etc. for Director
    • Monitor and record RSVPs for events and calls
    • Help staff policy events when needed.

    Political Intern Duties:

    • Work under our Deputy Political Director on day-to-day projects
    • Transcribing video and audio of our tracking research, highlighting common themes and issues
    • Candidate research on Democratic and Republican candidates
    • Creating candidate bios and summaries
    • Researching political history and electoral results of past primaries and general elections and examining them for trends<
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      General Information

      • Program available for full and part-time interns, though a preference is given for full-time applicants
      • Position is paid a monthly stipend of $1000 per month, before taxes
      • Some general office work is involved with this internship, most duties will involve your assigned department
      • Office dress is business casual